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The Frac sand mining industry is booming in western Wisconsin. Sand mining has a rich history in Wisconsin that dates back more than a century – in fact, the image of a miner appears on both the Wisconsin state symbol and the state flag. Companies involved in the state’s sand mining industry employ thousands in family-supporting jobs and are making significant multimillion-dollar investments in areas across Wisconsin, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in overall economic impact for the Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, and surrounding communitites.

What is Wisconsin's Frac Sand used for?

Frac sand is exported from Wisconsin to places with gas and oil bearing shale where it is used in a combined process called hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Frac sand is quartz sand of a specific grain size and shape that is suspended in fluid and injected into oil and gas wells under very high pressure. That pressure opens and enlarges fractures. It also creates new ones. Frac sand is a crush-resistant sand that is very durable. The extra strength sand grains are then carried into these fractures, propping them open as the fluid is pumped out. Optimal Frac sand is round grain, relatively course, and holds up under tremendous pressure.

What makes a good Frac Sand mining site?

Wisconsin has several sandstone formations that produce grains of sand that are spherical and strong, the keys to successful use in fracking. The first factor in determining the profitability of a site is the amount of sand that is marketable. Even when all the sand is marketable, different sized sand grains sell for different prices. More coarse sand (20-40 sand) is sold for oil drilling. Finer sand (40-70 sand) is sold for natural gas drilling. The second factor that affects the profit margin of a Frac sand mining site is how much unmarketable material, called overburden, is sitting on top of the sand. The cost of moving and storing this excess soil can add up quickly, so smaller amounts of overburden mean higher profits.

Wisconsin Frac Sand MapDo you know if you have Frac sand on your property?

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